Using Interac e-Transfer to support the Greater Victoria Folk Festival Society

If you wish to use online banking to pay your membership dues to the GVFFS, you may now make an Interac e-Transfer to the GVFFS.

Within your online banking account, add a new recipient: -- after replacing "#" by "@"

When you have added it, on the same web-page, you should see:

GREATER VICTORIA FOLK FESTIVAL SOCIETY is registered for auto-deposit, which means the money will be automatically deposited into their bank account and can't be cancelled. No security question and answer needed.

The above paragraph is the wording that the Bank of Montreal uses. Other banks/credit-unions may have different wording, or might not display the above information.

Annual membership in the GVFFS is $10.00, which coincidentally is the minimum amount for any e-Transfer.

After you send the e-Transfer, check your E-mail, to see:

The $10.00 (CAD) you sent to GREATER VICTORIA FOLK FESTIVAL SOCIETY has been successfully deposited.

If you do not receive this message ("inbox" or "junk" folders?) please immediately let us know.

This e-Transfer process captures your name and E-mail ID (taken from your online banking information), and sends it to us. So, we can identify your payment, and add your ID to our mailing-list.

If you wish to give more than $10.00, please add the word "donation" into the "message" field, as you are setting-up the transfer, so that we will know that you intentionally specified more than $10.

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know, via -- after replacing "#" by "@"